Discerning the Times with a Different Spirit & Hidden Opportunities!

Addressing an INcontext Weekly Meeting – 1 April 2021 ⭐️When I think of INcontext the words foremost in my mind are… Discerning the times… Every age has its unique challenges, and the ability to discern what God is doing on earth, in our country and in our community at any given time can, as you well […]

Through My Eyes: What Can We Learn From Stories of Successful Candidates

FUTURE CANDIDATES SCHOOL I will start with the words Get There… If we are going to make an impact in any way we must first and foremost, pitch up. If we are ‘there’ (wherever there needs to be), God can use us. Get there, preferably prepared, but if necessary, unprepared and expectant! “ The following […]


For LWA CONFERENCE 20 March 2021 As I contemplate the words “The Future Belongs To Women” I am reminded of a time back in 2007 when I had been asked to speak to women at a meeting in Polokwane about going to Parliament. I had started my talk with these words: women who are truly […]

Corruption Coverups Systematically Exposed: DA Resolution Sadly a Useful Red-herring!

“… a vote against the resolution will weaken important institutions of our democracy and further entrench a culture of corruption and entitlement.” Cheryllyn Dudley Sadly the situation regarding the future of our Public Protector and of our democracy hangs precariously in the balance in no small way, once again, because the DA chose to prioritise […]

Land Expropriation: Where does SA stand re Trends and Standards?

“Those who defend the status quo on public services defend a model that is one of entrenched inequality.” This was Tony Blair’s response years ago, to those against change. He had discovered all too soon after his first election to the office of Prime Minister in the UK in 1997, that making changes “touched vested […]

Thinking about what I’m thinking… State Capture!

I was asked today, on my FB page to share my thoughts on State Capture. While I have shared Information on issues relating to State Capture I realise I have not addressed it specifically so here goes! Quoting from my book ‘Through My Eyes’ I would first like to remind my audience that ‘I can […]

The Great Reset: What’s all the fuss?

The Great Reset that alarmists on the more ‘radical right’ are reacting to, is in fact a proposal by the World Economic Forum (WEF) to rebuild the economy sustainably following the COVID-19 pandemic. While many have expressed a desire to ‘go back to what they refer to as ‘normal’ others have realised that this could […]