Through My Eyes


Author’s Note

Capturing thoughts on the last 25 years evoked other reminisces of life before politics. This had not only kept me busy 24/7 but it was like a grand debriefing. I highly recommend it! Reflection, however, always makes me think that while I am so very glad to have done all that, I’m even more glad to never have to do it again! Why, you may ask? Well, that should become clear in the chapters to follow. Thank you, in advance, for taking this journey with me. My passion for having conversations about how life and politics relate to our beliefs and vice versa remains strong, and that, I guess, is what this book is about.

- Cheryllyn Dudley



Through My Eyes

The story of a veteran politician and a girl, who takes you on a journey from small town life in a Southern African colonial city to serving as a Member of South African Parliament for 20 years, reinventing herself along the way to be fit for purpose.

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"Champions of accountability must be accountable themselves..."
"Inviting questions is more valuable than supplying answers."
"It is important to understand present and past circumstances which impact communities before assuming we have anything relevant to contribute."
"We have no future unless it is a Shared Future - it is in our own interests to work to help others achieve their goals and to provide for their families. It is in our own interests to build and not to destroy, to forgive and not to hate, to be sensitive and gracious in the face of other people's pain and hurt."
"Freedom of religion and belief is crucial and impacts every human being on the planet earth."
"Being aware of my cultural thinking, and being conscious that I am a product of my own particular experiences, has been useful in helping me understand that my views and opinions are just that—my views and opinions. I have a right to them, but having them does not necessarily make me right, it just makes me who I am."