My passion to bridge the divide between cultures, genders and wherever division and disunity exist has been long standing but the words a ‘Shared Future’ captured my attention through the Democratic Unionist Party in Ireland. Reverend Ian Paisley, the founding Leader, who died in 2014, ended his life’s journey having recognised and worked toward the ideal of a Shared Future for the people of Northern Ireland.

Having pioneered work combining strong religious views and politics, he eventually embraced the peace process and moved aside as the party reinvented itself, making relevant changes in line with their commitment to a ‘Shared Future’.

This became my rallying cry, not least because I had carried a vision and hope of transformation for my party at the time, but more broadly because a ‘Shared Future’ so aptly described the desire God had laid on my heart for the people of South Africa, SADC and globally.

Cheryllyn Dudley

More about who I am

Veteran politician & a girl, who has journeyed from small town life in Bulawayo in what was known as Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) to serving as a Member of the South African Parliament for 20 years, reinventing herself along the way to be ‘Fit for Purpose’.

Cheryllyn, now married with four children and six grandchildren, made history when she became the first Member of Parliament to have a Private Member’s Bill passed and signed into law.

Having studied law at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and completed an Honour’s Degree in Public Policy and African Studies from the University of Johannesburg with an emphasis on research, strategic diplomacy and transitional justice, Cheryllyn’s passion is to bridge the divide between political, cultural and gender identities, promoting HOPE, TRANSFORMATION and a ‘SHARED FUTURE’ for all.

cheryllyn dudley


Being aware of my cultural thinking, and being conscious that I am a product of my own particular experiences, has been useful in helping me understand that my views and opinions are just that—my views and opinions. I have a right to them, but having them does not necessarily make me right, it just makes me who I am. Many views provide a broader and more complete perspective.

Touching on concepts and thoughts that will provoke as many questions as answers for your audience, I Cover a broad range of topics which encourage us to apply our minds to specific situations, and not just to replace our thinking with a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

A speaker for your next event


Cheryllyn can address a variety of audiences including business groups, youth events, women’s conferences, tertiary institutions, religious groups, amongst many others. She is passionate about the topics listed below and can adapt them to any context.


“It will take leadership and courage to work toward the ideal of a Shared Future; courage to embrace peace processes; and courage to step down from a leadership role when the time comes for change.”

- Cheryllyn Dudley