A Shared Future for all

Choosing Hope &
Not Fear

We have no future unless it is a Shared Future – it is in our own interests to work to help others achieve their goals and to provide for their families. It is in our own interests to build and not to destroy, to forgive and not to hate, to be sensitive and gracious in the face of other people’s pain and hurt. These are things often easier said than done but we have proven on occasion that we are up to the challenge – we can do it if we choose to!


Cheryllyn Dudley

Cheryllyn has journeyed from small town life in Bulawayo in what was known as Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) to serving as a Member of the South African Parliament for 20 years. Her passion is to bridge divides and promote hope, transformation and a Shared Future for all.

“It will take leadership and courage to work toward the ideal of a Shared Future; courage to embrace peace processes; and courage to step down from a leadership role when the time comes for change.”




Through My Eyes

The story of a veteran politician and a girl, who takes you on a journey from small town life in a Southern African colonial city to serving as a Member of South African Parliament for 20 years, reinventing herself along the way to be fit for purpose.


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